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Many people often ask me, "what is Moldavia?" That sounds like a relatively easy question to answer, but in reality, it's not. There are so many complexities in Moldavian society, and so many other practices and daily lifestyles, that most people in America or other "civilized" parts of the world don't agree with. We are very different, but we aren't about to change what has worked for us for hundreds of years just because someone else wants us to be like them. Though we would be quite flattered if some wanted to leave their world behind and live like we do. As the goddess originally planned.
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In an attempt to satisfy everyone's curiousity surrounding the Moldavians and their lives, I have conducted a series of interviews and collected some autobiographies from a few of the people, just so you could get a feel for the kind of life you would expect to find in Moldavia.
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As you have probably figured out, most of the life of females centers around the temples. The temples are STRICTLY the female domain. We've had very few men working in the temples and very very few that would want to. Of course, as with any race, there are always exceptions to the rule.
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Our resident seanachie (storyteller), Iza was the first person in her line to actually go through and write down the stories of Moldavia's history. Before that, it was passed orally from generation to generation in her temple. But now that the stories are written it makes it easier to conduct history lessons in the Temple of Education (because we can tell now if Taranis is bluffing or not;).
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