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Into the Temple

Below is a listing of the temples to be found in Moldavia, along with a brief (or long, depending on how much needs to be said) description of each.

Temple of the Arts:Pretty self-explanatory. One priestess, Shannon, teaches anyone who wants to learn to play an instrument (harp, flute, drum, xylophone, guitar, etc). She also teaches ritual dance and interpretive movement. And singing. Symon, her brother (probably one of the few males who actually works in a temple) teaches painting and how to weave tapestries. People generally get Symon to paint their portraits and they usually trade for his tapestries and paintings at the festivals. Symon also has set up a sort of museum in the back alcove to house some of his finest works, along with other people's works that were made to show off.

Temple of Fertility:Mostly just men go to this temple. Now, don't think of it as a house of prostitution, because it isn't (and if you said it was, Aura would knock you down). Circumcisions, fertility rituals, and certain rites of manhood occur within this temple.

Temple of Education: Moldavia's school. The teacher: Taranis. A fiery woman who will come after any who disrupt her teaching. They don't learn advanced rocket science or anything. Basic math, science and nature, Moldavian history, literature, and whatever other questions pop into the heads of the young ones. They start school at 3 or 4 and officially end at 14, though some people continue to seek knowledge well into their later years. Some might think that ten years is too little to be in school, but Taranis' teachings are very intensive. The average school day lasts about ten hours (a lot longer than American schools).

Temple of the Awakening: This one is hard to explain. In Moldavia, there is this concept of "travelling". It's kind of like planned out-of-body experiences. When the people "travel", they leave their body in this temple so that it will be taken care of. When you come back, you have to take a quiz so that they can be sure that it's really your spirit coming back and not a demon. Since Adrastea's mother passed the old travelling law, most people don't travel that often, though they are now permitted to do so.

Temple of Life: Moldavia's answer to OB/GYN. The priestesses in this temple examine pregnant women, birth babies and hold naming ceremonies. The birthing rooms in Moldavia are pretty much like any other room in somone's house. They feel that the woman should be completely comfortable during her stay (usually just overnight if there are no complications), so they encourage her to bring things to the room beforehand that will make her feel at ease. During a birth, the woman's entire family is permitted (if they wish) to attend. It is important to have people around to give the woman strength and to welcome the new life into the world.

Temple of the Keepers of Old: This is the record-keeping temple of Moldavia's history. Iza keeps these records in the form of stories that have been passed down orally in her family for generations. Iza was the first to begin writing these stories down.

The Great Temple: This is where the High Priestess rules from. Important meetings are held here.

Temple of Resurgence:To tell you about this temple, I must first tell you about the crystal. In actuality, it's a giant monolith made entirely of amethyst. It is said to go straight to the center of the earth, though this is not geologically certain. If one touches the crystal (which is forbidden), their spirit will be forever locked inside. In the temple, one can meditate before the crystal to gain energy for spellword, healing, etc.

Temple of the Moon: Marriage and betrothal ceremonies are held here.

Temple of Justice: Where criminal cases or

The Great Sorrow: